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I bet they could hump the crap outta your leg.

I've decided to resume my centennial rewatch (e.g. that one time I decided I was going to rewatch all of SPN in order [as opposed to abitrarily choosing random episodes, which usually just meant Wendigo + random scenes from S7/9], and got all the way to...1x22!). At my sister's behest I started with 2x03, so I guess I'll have to like, go back and watch 2x01 and 2x02 at some point.

And MAN, there are parts of S2 I haven't seen in yeaaaars. The acting is better now. XD Or maybe the scripting, I dunno. I mean, it was still good! Obviously! But sometimes the delivery was just a little too fast or a little too loud and it didn't quite feel like conversation, vs. scripted dialogue.

And MAN #2, I miss Sera's particular brand of weirdness! XD My guuuurl. <3 Forever scripting weird lines like, "He snaked the keys!" and stuff about black dogs humping your leg.

Though I think the weirdest line so far was Dean telling Sam, "You look like you're sucking on a lemon," said with total earnestness. (Clarification: This one is an Edlund line, not a Sera one. But it's still adorable.)

Like, in itself that's super innocuous as a simile. But thinking about it, I'd never write that as a piece of dialogue for either of them--like, never. Well, unless there were lemons left over on their plate at a diner, or they were hunting the pagan god of lemons and Dean was overdetermining the lemons on purpose, because he's terrible. Dean just wouldn't use that phrase now, in 2016.

But there Dean is, in 2006, definitely talking about lemons. (It's the little things, okay! I live for the little things. What is the point of fic if not these sorts of overly intense dialogue analyses.)

It's making me rethink my characterizations in the S1 fic I'm working on (which was originally my caseficbb and then became my spn_j2_bb, and is now my wincestbb, because WOW, APRIL--but more on that at a later date).

Also, 2x08 was like a minute and a half shorter than a usual episode, and I can't decide if they put the "Soon" teaser at the end of it because it was accidentally too short, or they intentionally wrote it shorter because they desperately wanted that "Soon" teaser, and the usual 15-30 seconds of teaser just wasn't gonna cut it. Or maybe something else entirely. I mean, 2x08 isn't unique in its relative shortness. SO MANY MYSTERIES.

(Meanwhile, with 11x18 I think they probably had more than they had time for, because a bunch of scenes seemed just fractions of a second too short, like they were trying to shave time to it it all in. Or that's how it seemed to me, anyway.)

tl;dr Sera is HBIC / lemons / rewatch / I'm an idiot and watched 2x08 instead of 11x19 just now because I needed to eat dinner and first-time SPN viewings demand my fullest full attention. Can't be distracted by silly things like sustenance!
Tags: fandom: spn, i can't watch tv like a normal person, salt being a spirit deterrent, spn centennial hwy rewatch

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