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Random observation: When Sam notices "Croatoan" carved into that telephone pole, it's because he runs straight into it. Or shoulder-checks it, rather; like, whoa, where did that pole come from? (Don't laugh; we've all been there.) So adorable. <3 Second only to that one time in like S6 when Sam and Dean burst through a door, guns blazing--except Dean hits the door so hard it bounces on the hinge and hits him back. XD MY BBS.

It's the Winchester way: Equal parts floppy puppy, trainwreck, and indefatigable lethal force.

Also, Dean's line when he's letting the Master Sergeant and Dwayne know that in no uncertain terms will anyone be shooting Sam is and will always be perfection. One of my absolute favorites. I love the crescendo of it, the cadence. Like, I just want to write it down and notate it like music. Mmmmm. <3 And you know he gets that from his dad.

I'm gonna say this one time — you make a move on him, you'll be dead before you hit the ground. You understand me? I mean, do I make myself clear?!
Tags: fandom: spn, salt being a spirit deterrent, spn centennial hwy rewatch

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