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lol S3

I'm mid-way through S3 in my SPN rewatch (well... 1/3 of the way) and all I can think about is how frustrating this year must have been for Sam. Because his brother's going to Hell and he feels culpable, and suddenly ALL THEIR CASES ARE THE MOST MOMENTOUS BULLSHIT. XD Like, how frustrating would it be to be trying to figure out this Ruby thing, save your brother, and be constantly teased with this darkside, boyking future while at the same time your life is suddenly all rabbits' feet and fairy tales and weird-ass dens of iniquity? (The Then for 3x05 "Bedtime Stories" had so little to do with the episode I think I probably would have been mad if I'd watched it when it aired, haha. The Then was like, JOHN IS DEAD SAM MIGHT GO DARK DEAN IS GOING TO HELL and then the episode was like, "I'm sorry, did you say something? I was reading my comatose daughter some stories." XD <33)

I haven't even gotten to Mystery Spot yet! And I mean, there's still a ghost ship, Real Housewitches, African dream root, the Edison ghost phone, and all kinds of weird shit standing between Sam and incredible bereavement trauma, demon blood, the Apocalypse, etc.

It definitely puts Sam's immortal organ-harvesting plans into perspective (3x15 "Time is On My Side"), and man, I gotta say, that remains the weirdest plan Sam's ever had. Like, ever. Forget panic and desperation--stuff like this is really just born of long-term cognitive dissonance and "I can't believe I took time off from Dean's deal to help him work a case with the Ghostfacers." Poor guy!
Tags: fandom: spn, sam!kinks, spn centennial hwy rewatch

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