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Dr. Sexy Saves the Universe

11x21: I have nooo idea what's going on anymore! Though to be honest by around this point in any given season I usually don't, so that's to be expected. I suspect SPN doesn't tend to know, either; and I have nothing if not bizarre fondness for that eleventh hour scramble. XD I feel u, Show, I feel u.

Though one thing I do wish is that there'd been more around Amara and Dean+Amara leading up to this, because the first half of the season built up so much (as yet/likely to remain) untapped potential there. Especially since I don't think we actually needed a new prophet, seeing as Amara so badly wanted to facetime with Dean, anyway. XD So what was Donatello's utility? Red herring surplus Chuck just let the Winchesters squirrel around with after he tactically used Kevin to prove his Divinity? [I'm down with this.]

Anyway, my headcanon for the whole scene with Dean and Amara is that Dean went into that thinking, oh man, gotta stall The Darkness. What's the best stall tactic I can think of? Oh, I know, soap operas! DR. SEXY, YOUR TIME HAS COME. LET ME QUOTE VERBATIM SOME CHOICE TRUISMS FROM DR. SEXY SEASON 27, DELIVERED AS SLOWLY AND DRAMATICALLY AS POSSIBLE. THAT ALWAYS DOES THE TRICK FOR ME. All right, what's the most ridiculous-but-mildly-Darkness-relevant thing I can quote to start this off right?

Dean: "There can be no us."

Amara: Wow, that was weird.

Dean: "We should just walk away."

Amara: Okay, seriously, wtf. Where are your thoughts?

Dean: Man, this is about to get really difficult to explain.

Amara: And who is Dr. Piccolo???


Call Dean Scheherazade, sparing the Universe one 42 minute slot of daytime programming at a time. XD (Or do you think Dr. Sexy is a 24 minute show?)
Tags: fandom: spn, salt being a spirit deterrent, spn !!

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