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Where's Henry V when you need him?

I really enjoyed that! \O/ Not really my style, truth be told, and MAN did I never think we'd have a cast large enough to do a Doctor Who-type finale cameo army bonanza, but look at us. Angels and demons and witches, oh my!

+ I looooved Clea and the potential for Clea/Rowena time-traveling shenanigans. Clea had the right idea with the Classics, too, because so much of the slave mythology and tradition in the West Indies/the US draws from Greco-Roman mythology. (Something Toni Morrison has also engaged.) I'm so sad that Sun card wasn't for her.

+ Every shot of Rowena was perfection. Rowena is perfection. Let's do more with her forever. <3

+ I love(?) that Dean voiced concern that he was the only one talking sense, and then proceeded to make so little sense literally no one had any idea what he was talking about--not Lucifer, not even God. NOT EVEN SAM. XP They were all just like "okay, well, table that. Uh..." What even, Dean.

This is me, desperately, desperately wishing there were more scaffolding for whatever Dean and Amara are to each other, and desperately wishing there were time for that. But man, we have 42 more minutes left in the season and the world is ending, so idk that we'll get this. :(

+ On the other hand, Amara looking at the photo of bb!Dean and Mary was very nearly the additional tinges of Dean and Amara I was talking about wanting yesterday. Something about that is just so--! Especially since the same photo played a role in 10x22 as well (with the Stynes looking at it). And there's power and violence in the gaze; ask any French post-structuralist! Or maybe Sontag.


+ The Lucifer/God antics weren't entirely appealing (but were slightly less painful to sit through than the Michael/Lucifer scenes??), but I actually really enjoyed their reconciliation, and all that talk of the Mark. Because whatever my relative disinterest in apocalypse, I looooove the Mark of Cain. (I also loved the "it didn't change you; it brought out certain things that are a part of you" while Dean was sitting right there. Poor bb. D; Not that that's anything he didn't already know/feel, but. <33)

+ Though that does lead me to believe that if Sam were to take the Mark, he might actually be okay? Depending on how self-actualized he was feeling that day. But maybe that's the Sam zealot in me talking. XP

+ CLEA!!


+ If we kill off enough of our supporting cast members (but not Rowena or Billie), does that mean Sam and Dean get more screen time? Pfft, I say this as though Sam and Dean don't get at least 90% of the screen time all season. But seriously, though: my desires = more SamandDeanSamandDeanSamandDean--

+ Finale wish list: Clarity wrt Dean and Amara, and whatever happens in 11x23 being very clearly focalized through Sam and Dean's POVs.

+ Also, I actually didn't see this coming? Not for 11x22, anyway. I feel like this opens up a lot for 11x23, and potentially more room to explore the smaller scale implications of the macro things that just went down. I think it's a smart move to move the big shock-and-awe ballet hoopla up like this, because we all know no one's here for the shock-and-awe. (Especially since every time we go for shock-and-awe in our finales, it's pretty softcore, XP. I mean, the last time we held the Apocalypse it was legit two dudes rolling around with each other in a field.) Shock-and awe is what multimillion dollar industrial light and magic summer blockbusters are for.

But what's SPN for?

I feel like were this the final episode of the season, it would have been pretty typical of our more macro-oriented finales, which I'm never terribly into as endings. But this--this is a little different. We still have one more episode. And that excites me--because there are so many possible ways to use it, and we suddenly have time to turn towards things that are smaller and harder and brighter than just the shock-and-awe.

What I mean is, you always save your epic battle for the final play. But SPN just didn't, and that turns me on. I'm down for whatever that means we're in for next.* <3

* As long as Rowena doesn't die, and it involves a lot of Sam and Dean and ideally someone at some point makes clear the exigency of Dean and Amara's connection, even if the connection itself cannot be clarified. Also, Rowena can't die. Did I mention Rowena not dying?

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