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This is the third post I've made about 11x23 and I haven't even seen it yet, ahahaha.

In this one, I also talk about Dance Academy.

I just spent the hours leading up to SPN watching 1/3 of a season of Dance Academy. For those of you not yet ushered into Dance Academy's warm and very flexible embrace, it's an Australian teen drama about kids and their relationships and self-actualizations while at ballet school. I only meant to watch its 2x01, but ended up watching eight.

And the whole time, I thought, omg, this is so stupid; what am I doing?!?! This day belongs to Supernatural! I SHOULD NOT BE WATCHING DANCE ACADEMY LEADING UP TO IT. I SHOULD NOT BE WATCHING DANCE ACADEMY AS SPN AIRS ON THE EAST COAST. I SHOULD NOT BE WATCHING DANCE ACADEMY AS SPN AIRS ON THE WEST COAST. This day belongs to SPN and I should not be filling it with incompatible contents!!

Because when I watched the first season of Dance Academy (addictively, and over the span of two days) I thought to myself, if your TV habits predict your love life, I'm going to end up cheating on my loving and devoted spouse of seven years with a teenage girl. Whoops.

But having now seen eight episodes of Dance Academy instead of 11x23, that's not accurate. Because like everything else in my life, of course it has to do with SPN. Yes, even DANCE ACADEMY. I didn't cheat on SPN with Dance Academy because Dance Academy is my relationship to SPN. (I swear that makes sense in my head.)

All my tropey, archetypal teeny-bopper ballerinas improve each other by their presence in each others lives--no matter what obstacles may be involved. You can't help but like them, whether they're earnest or earnest in their back-stabbing. And at the end of they day, they want each other to succeed. With me and SPN, it's like watching each other side stage and waiting for that curtain to go up and rooting for that performance. And whatever happens, whoever's turn it is to dance--they dance their heart out. Whatever happens, that performance is beautiful. Maybe something will go wrong, sure; maybe even something drastic. But when you're on stage you pick up and you keep fucking going; if you're watching, you want them to do so. Whatever happens, it will always be the best thing ever, because that's your fucking friend on stage and you love them and you trust them and you know they left it all out there.

So thank you, Dance Academy. Eight episodes later, and I'm fucking ready. Bring it, 11x23!
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