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spnspnspn centennial rewatch

+ For citrusjava: You know when Sam and Dean are first arrested in 3x12 "Jus in Belo" and they're cuffed together? They get all tangled up with each other when they sit down specifically because THEY GO OUT OF THEIR WAY to be to each other's right. XD Their official places!

+ In 3x15 "Time is On My Side" Dean's eating a burger and he looks at it and spins it around before he decides where to take the first bite. Which is adorable. Like, I do that, too. But now I'm curious, like--what are the things that factor into where Dean decides his first bite is going to be? How important is the Burger Twirl to the satisfaction of the meal??? I ask the deep questions.

+ (This is absurdly overdetermined, but maybe it has something to do with biting something you know you're eventually going to kill, but in a way that will keep it lingering and doggedly existing, maintaining its burger-y structural integrity, for the longest amount of time. l o l.)

+ I love Gen Ruby so much. I love S4!Castiel so much. Did I mention I love Gen Ruby so much???

+ In 4x03 "In the Beginning," there's this crazy intense clip of Deana making a fruit salad and chopping the shit out of a banana. IRON HUNTER CHEF: HELL'S KITCHEN EDITION.

+ Also 4x03, THE REASON SAMUEL DISAPPROVES SO MUCH OF JOHN. Is not only because he's a civilian (as he states in the episode), and not only because SAMUEL KNOWS John's father was in the Men of Letters, but because John is a dangerously untrained legacy, which is actually worse than either of the other options. Which is, coincidentally, also why Andi and the London Chapter aren't about Sam and Dean, too.
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