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spn centennial rewatch

Yesterday was a depressing day for no reason, and today is a dreadful day for no reason (like, the second I touched down at my dad's house, I started waking up with this intense sense of dread. Which wasn't true while we were backpacking, and LOL the moment I get back, naturally, it's time to wake to Dread of Nothing again. Cool!)

But last night, I was like, fuck it, and mainlined a bunch of SPN, which was easily the most delightful part of the day--4x04 through 4x08 and 11x14 through 11x16.

+ At the end of 4x04 "Metamorphosis" my brother walked by and he was like, "whoa, is Sam such a baby puppy!"

And I was like, "I'm glad that on SPN a giant 26-year old man LITERALLY LIGHTING SOMEONE ON FIRE WITH A BLOW TORCH JUST NOW can still feel like a baby puppy."

+ 4x05 "Monster Movie" has a lot of great lines (and also made big pretzels an intensely emotional food for me) but honestly, my favorite one? In the middle of the episode when they're trying to figure out what the deal is with the monster movie tributes, Sam's just straight-up like, "This is stupid!"

That's it, that's the line. But I just think it's hilarious. XDDD And like, the Winchesters recognize the ridiculousness of their situation pretty often; that's par for the course. But there's something about how utterly direct Sam was about it, and how that was his only commentary, that just charms me. Sam "This is stupid" mic drop Winchester!

+ 4x06 "Yellow Fever" was a somewhat divisive episode when I first watched it. I'm actually not sure if it still holds that title, or if time has chilled us all out a bit more, but I remember a lot of people were pretty upset that Dean's trauma was being played for laughs. I love it, though. And I think one of the biggest reasons why it works so well for me is because it manages to be intensely, intensely stressful every single time (and like, how many times have I seen this episode; HOW CAN WATCHING IT STILL FEEL THIS VISCERAL) but at the same time, really funny. So it's like, ahahaha I'm having a great time BUT ALSO, OMG MY BLOOD PRESSURE. Success!

+ I've been trying to figure out what Sam meant at the end of 11x16 "Safe House" when he was like, man, how weird are our lives that a vision of dead!me is actually reassuring?

Because like, Dean didn't actually say anything about that being reassuring, or cool beans. XP Like, at all. But I don't actually think he was talking about Dean; he was talking about himself. Sam was reassured that the worst thing the buruburu could throw up was dead!Sam, in the face of literally anything else he or Dean have, are, or stand to experience. Because man, between the Darkness, or the Mark, or any Apocalypse, or darkside!Sam, it could have had its pick of strange and undesirable. It shows its victims their loved ones, dead, but there are so many incarnations and possible contexts attached to that for them that Sam's like, oh, it was just me being generically dead? Thank god! XD
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