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Self-Rec Saturday: Покипси/Poughkeepsie

This post was inspired by a new comm I just joined, amilliondays, and its Self-Rec Saturdays. Mine is technically a double rec, in that I'd really like y'all to see someone else's translation! But since there are not many Russian speakers on my flist, it's effectively more a self-rec than anything else. XD

I've been meaning to link this since it was published, but it's been a busy few months, whoops. But a team of lovely people translated one of my fics into Russian, and their finished project can be found here: Покипси.

I haven't read the whole thing, but I'm super impressed, because the whole thing is in a very particular Winchester vernacular, and I was just like, god, that would be a bitch to translate.

I'm not the kind of writer who tends to inspire translations/art/etc., so I think this is especially cool. :3 Please show them some love!

The original fic, in English, is titled Poughkeepsie, and I actually really like this one. I feel like none of my current fic projects are Dean POV--okay, I don't feel that way, it is objectively that way--and I miss him a lot. :( But I had such a fantastic time with him in this.

It's meant to be the origins of why "Poughkeepsie" became the Winchesters' codeword for "drop everything and run," per 9x09, so even though it's set in S2 and is very much of S2 it's also always speaking to Sam and Dean and Gadreel as well. About what's different between these two segments of the Winchesters' timelines but also where some uncomfortable throughlines might be.

The whole thing takes place at the Hudson River State Hospital in Poughkeepsie, NY, which is now an abandoned building people think is haunted. Which I chose because Poughkeepsie but also because the whole "haunted insane asylum" thing gets such a bad rap. Good psychiatric institutions can save lives. Which doesn't mean that the history of psychiatric medicine isn't fraught, and I'm aware that saying "psychiatric institutions save lives" and then siccing a ghost on one in a case!fic is a little ironic.

But you know what, I'm 100% certain that if it weren't below freezing and Sam weren't at risk of frostbite and hypothermia and if Dean hadn't... done what he does at the end of this fic >.> ... Sam probably would have had a really great, fruitful conversation with those ghosts. 100%!

Truthfully, I really love this one; I think it's funny and hurty and severely discomfitting and I love the way it does Dean's POV. I'm proud that someone wanted to translate it. <3
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