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"You can take it any way you want."

I love 4x19 "Jump the Shark" SO much, guys. First because, as its title suggests, it totally rocks a premise that really shouldn't ever rock--the whole secret lovechild thing. But it's so organic to Show's worldbuilding, and does so much actual work for that world and the lives of the Winchesters, it's actually gold. It works.

--And it also doesn't. I've decided, at least this time around, that I don't personally like the way 4x17-4x20 follow 4x16 all piecemeal like that. XP They're all definitely arc-related, don't get me wrong, but not quite with the directedness I might have appreciated. Because, um. 4x16. But it also doesn't matter too much? Like, I love all of those episodes. I think 4x19 and 4x20 are two of the best SPN has to offer. I think it's fine when things don't actually "work," because ymmv, for one, but also because serialized television is a live text, and I think there's a particular vivacity to a story that has so many active authors, that can open and close outlets as it pleases, that can double back or watch things sputter, even as its pursuing new ones; there's magic in that sort of harried pace of television, and beauty in its rougher edges. I'm not a big TV person all told, but SPN is great at living in that space, and if there's one thing I love about TV, it's that.

But anyway, that's not what I meant to post about. XD I meant to say that the way (ghoul!)Adam fits into the Winchesters' dynamic just sings for me. Dean's hurt and frustration are just so palpable--even as he gets why John did things the way he did, moreso than anyone else in the room. I just love it. And the way you can see Sam's convictions with respect to their imminent Apocalypse is so beautifully strident here. And I love John's backstory with Kate and Adam; and I think even like, the bartender and his wife, and Denise the waitress, are so great. ALSO, THE OPENING SCENE. WITH SAM BRUSHING HIS TEETH ON THE HOOD OF THE CAR, AND DEAN SLEEPING, AND THEM HAVING A SHITTY NON-DOMESTIC DOMESTIC MOMENT IN A TURNOUT. UGHNAKF:JAFK. <33333

4x19 is also the episode that turned me off to Sam H/C for life! Ghouls, my friends. Ghouls and Sam's tied wrists and his blood flowing into metal bowls and ghouls gouging at his veins and MY GOD YOU CAN SEE HIS TENDONS WINNOW AWAY AS THEY GOUGE AT THE MUSCLE BETWEEN THEM, DON'T HURT HIM, OMG. A sentiment established in 2009 and still going strong. I just don't want to see Sam get hurt. XD (Though perhaps hypocritically, I sure have read AND written a lot of Sam H/C, and I sure do love 11x17, so...)

But seriously, though. 4x19 is one of those episodes where I'm just like, shoot, this is everything I love about this show, all in one place. <3

And I'm finally getting to the part of my rewatch I'm really excited for! Not that I don't love S1-4, but I also feel like I've had more opportunities to rewatch those, or I'll pull out one-offs from those to watch in isolation more often. I don't think I've done a start-to-finish rewatch of S5 since 2010 or 2011, so I'm really jazzed for this. :3
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