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This is getting entirely out of wing.

I can pin down the exact moment I fell in love with Supernatural--when I wasn't just watching it because my friend was, or just because I thought Castiel was funny. When stopping became unthinkable. (5x05-5x07, I didn't even think I'd watch the whole season!)

In 5x09, Damien says to Dean, in response to his outburst about taking pleasure in the Winchesters' pain, "They're fictional characters. I don't think they care."

And I shouted BUT THEY DO, and Dean shouted OH, THEY DO. THEY CARE A LOT.


I love that everyone brought their A-game in that episode. Hooters Waitress stood up to three maniacal ghosts, Chuck protected a roomful of people, Becky organized an entire convention singlehandedly, and Damien and Barnes not only volunteered to get back in the action, they saved the entire damn day.

My favorite scene in the whole episode is when Damien and Barnes are digging up the three children's graves and Barnes is like, "They make grave-digging seem so easy! I'm gonna throw up."

Then Damien says, completely in the zone, "No, you're not."

And they keep digging.

It's just one of those moments in the middle of a world that is unapologetically silly and ridiculous that gets at the core about what is real and good about the people living in it. I think it's fucking great. <33

And of course I fell in love with Supernatural, and started taking it genuinely seriously and personally just in time to watch Jo and Ellen get blown to pieces. D:

I love the visible tension when the invisible hellhounds come into play with the standoff against Meg. (Even though my first time watching this I thought that Lilith, Ruby, AND Meg were all the same character. IDK.) I love the spatter of Jo's blood as they carry her through the hardware store. I LOVE Dean's conversation with Bobby, the way it leaps straight into this horrible trough when Bobby asks if everyone's alright and he hears Dean say no. I love that Bobby hardly skips a beat before he starts trying to get Dean back on track. I love that Ellen tends to her daughter's mortal wound and offers Bobby actual concrete information over the phone and builds bombs and holds Jo safe as she dies. For whatever reason, SPN isn't a show that makes me cry that often (well, I think the reason is the fanfic--power-crazed me knows that I can do whatever I want, so canon death isn't the final say unless I don't think I'll be writing that character), but Ellen's words of comfort to Jo, and her face when she knows her baby's gone, just gets me. I fucking LOVE them. I love really good deaths scenes.

And I love that one of those silly entertainment websites had one of those silly polls about like, Best CW Kiss of the Fall '09 lineup, and every other kiss was this sultry romantic kiss between very clean and ravishingly beautiful people and then Supernatural's entry was Dean kissing the top of a dying Jo's head, blood all up her neck and both of them looking like complete shit. XD

But then I also root for the other team: I love how genuinely thrilled Meg is at the prospect of being able to enter Heaven. How puzzled she is when Castiel suggests differently, even when she refuses to believe him. I love that Castiel escapes by using a trick he learned from Uriel and Alistair (and does a Britney Spears-walk over Meg's back as she screams in burning agony, derp XP). I love that Lucifer raises Death by standing on top of a hill literally digging a hole with a garden shovel, with his own hands, with a bunch of demons all around him basically all there to watch and witness his toil (and then to die). I LOVE RACHEL MINER.

And I love that even though I've seen this show a hundred times before, I basically marathoned half of S5 tonight like it was the first time all over again. But it was better than the first time, because 1) I've had seven years to fall in love now, and 2) NOW I KNOW WHO ELLEN AND JO EVEN ARE. AND I KNOW THAT LILITH, RUBY, AND MEG ARE ALL DIFFERENT CHARACTERS.

And I know what I have to look forward to. :3
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