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Self-Rec Saturday

I'm supposed to be writing my spnhorrorbang submission right now, but everything I try to write for it ends up distinctively not applicable. So I figured, well, why fight destiny? and ambushed the S11 Commentfic Meme at spn_bunker instead.

I feel like it's been a long time since I've written anything that didn't have a posting date so far out it hasn't even been set yet, and it's been an even longer time since I did any commentfic. It was relaxing to get into that in medias res groove and drop into a story without building up all the scaffolding, and to go nuts and write all sorts of things that I usually don't write.

IDK that I'd pin any ribbons on anything I've produced this week, but I wrote 6k of commentfic and I'm pretty proud of that!

The top three individual fics I'm most proud of from this week:

1. Easy Like (Sam/Dean, post-11x08 "Just My Imagination"), because I HAVE NEVER WRITTEN ANYTHING SO PURE BEFORE. IT'S SO PURE. Dean builds Sam a courtship sundae--ice cream in the shape of a gigantic dick, whipped cream on top, bulbous cherries, the works--and Sam responds in turn. I like this one because I have a really hard time with writing fluff because I just can't buy the things I'm writing as things that are real for Sam and Dean. But for some reason this one works for me; it has all the depth of candyfloss, don't get me wrong. But for these 700 words, I buy that. I could not begin to tell you why.

2. PWP (Dean/Amara, implied Sam/Dean, implied past God/Amara), because I think this fic is way, way funnier than it actually is. XD It just makes me cackle. Basically Dean and Amara get it on for Reasons and Dean finds out there's an entire universe inside of Amara's pussy, because obviously. And Dean's like BUT HOW DO I NOT FALL IN. I take an absurd amount of pleasure in absurd celestial pornography. I'm IRL laughing as I write this paragraph, but I'd be the first to tell you that this fic really is not that funny. Like, at all. XP And yes, that's the title.

3. Ovation (Dean/Gunner Lawless from 11x15 "Beyond the Mat," tw: dubcon). This one I wrote because I had this image in my head of the howls of circling hellhounds being not unlike a Top Notch wrestling audience, hungry for blood and spectacle. But this one stands out to me because after I finished I did a quick check like, okay Dean, what's your motivation here? And I thought about it, and it was like, well... he really doesn't have one. D: Which should have made me go find one for him, because Narrative Convention. But I decided this fic did more for me without it. I think that level of dispassion is deeply creepy and sad given the contents of the fic, and does interesting character things I'm interested in exploring with Dean.

And the others!:

4. Use What You Have (Dean & Castiel, S11) - Dean asks Castiel how it would feel to be an aggregated soul inside Amara, and then realizes that's a really dumb question to ask if you're planning to be drunk for the conversation that results.

5. Kill the Lights (Meg/Castiel, implied Dean/Castiel, S11) - Lucifer binge-reads Castiel's memories, finds some interesting chapters, and then finds Meg.

6. Casflix (Dean & Castiel, Castiel & Dr. Sexy) - Cas loves Dr. Sexy for one very specific reason.

7. Five Times Sam and Dean Nearly Burned Their House Down (Sam & Dean) - My first "five times" fic, though I'm not actually certain there are five times and I forgot about the "and one time they didn't" part where your funny fic is supposed to turn sad or your sad fic is supposed to turn funny. So this one is just funny from start to finish, with no twist. Whatever. XP

So yeah, these have been my evenings this week. How do I feel about writing an entire digest worth of fic? Like I need to go recover from being

Happy Saturday! XD And to those of you who are gishes, good luck with your final push!!!!! Y'all are so awesome and bring so much light to the world, and also my Facebook notifs. <3
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