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[Rec] Of Apocalypses and Other Inconveniences, by anonymous (Jody, Alex, Claire, Sam, Dean, Mary)

Oh my god, you guys. Today's gift from spn_summergen is a legitimate gift from Heaven. XDDD IT'S SO FUNNY.

Title: Of Apocalypses and Other Inconveniences
Rating: G
Word Count: 2670
Warnings: Some blood (nothing graphic), as well as some swearing.
Author's Notes: Admittedly, I started a couple of different stories for different prompts, but I settled for prompt 6 (what Jody and the girls were up to while the world was ending) and added some sprinkles of prompt 3 (Dean found Mary. The British girl (probably) shot Sam. Then what?). I hope I did them justice!
Summary: As soon as there are signs of supernatural activity nearby, the Winchesters are the ones to call. Jody’s not entirely sure if she’s supposed to call them when the sun suddenly decides that red is the new black – but she’d appreciate them actually bothering to pick up their phones.

There's just something that taps into its characters so well, and makes the humor come from the very core of them, that sings for me. Jody's high threshold for panic and her commitment to normalcy (and perhaps even normalizing the presence of the supernormal within it), Alex and Claire's dynamic and their shared gift for deadpan zingers, and even Sam's particular brand of humor are so glorious here.

And this is not a sentence that I really ever imagined saying, but Mary Winchester in this fic made me burst out laughing. I'm still not really sure what canon is planning to do with Mary in S12, but I adore her piece in this fic.

The comedic setups in this, and the seeming effortlessness of them, are flawless. <33333
Tags: fandom recs, fandom: spn

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