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[Rec] Over the Mountains of the Moon (Sam, Dean)

Title: Over the Mountains of the Moon
Rating: G
Word count: about 4500
Warnings: Spoilers for the classic 1968 Disney movie The Love Bug. Angst.
Summary: In a coda to “Dark Side of the Moon,” Sam reminisces about a golden summer when it was possible to dream about having a normal life. From a combination of prompts: “pre-Stanford era stuff that explores Sam's motivations to go to college” and “an episode coda…inspired by ‘Dark Side of the Moon.’” Set immediately after 5x16 with a flashback to the end of Sam’s junior year of high school (Sam is 17, Dean is 21).


When I'm writing, one of the biggest gripes I always have with myself is characterization. Because you can be like, yeah, I mean... This is in-character, sure. But you want it to be them. You want everything they say, and everything they do to be so inimitably, incessantly them it cannot be anyone else. You want it to feel like you're falling in love with who these characters are like it's the first time all over again. Which is a tall order, I suppose. XD

But this fic does that for me with Sam and Dean. And then it goes and does it for the entire show called Supernatural.

Every word, every moment just reverberates in this very exact configuration/flavor/sensibility that is Sam and Dean and no one else. It's just off standard, off expectation, off generality and 100% who they are.

I know I'm starting to get really superlative but this fic made me SO happy. And it makes me happy on this meta level, too, because now when I inevitably rant about struggling with characterization, I have this to point to, and be like, LIKE THIS. This is what I mean. This is the goal. The dream!

So what are you waiting for? Treat yo'self. <3


Also, all of the Herbie in this fic was pure gold. Remember that summer two years ago when I rented it from the library and SPN goggled the whole thing? NO? WELL, I DID. I DID DO THAT. You know me and my love of car movies. Particularly semi-anthropomorphic cars.

I haven't seen the Lindsay sequel, though. One day.
Tags: fandom recs, fandom: spn

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