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3 For You, Glen Coco!

I feel like a huge dick whenever I come to this journal like "lalala MY WRITING" when I'm very behind on my reading, but wincestbbs are due this Saturday and I feel like I need to talk myself through the trauma of finishing this draft. So please bear with me for now and I will recommit to a more balanced fandom citizenship ASAP @___@.

Pro: I am genuinely excited about writing another scene of my wincestbb tonight.

Con: I'm concerned I will change my mind when 1) I actually get home tonight and am tired, and 2) I will have an ill-timed moment of clarity and realize how much of a hot mess this fic is right now and I won't be able to get past that and just Write the Thing.

Pro: Halfway through writing my summergen pinch hit I came up with a summary I think is amazing! And I usually write terrible summaries.

Con: The fic immediately fell apart after I wrote this bomb-ass summary, to the extent that Sam and Dean just started talking about how much their current situation didn't make sense and how any ending could only be dissatisfyingly abrupt or extremely derivative of their past experiences.

I quite like the SPN meta episodes, but sometimes there is such a thing as Too Much meta. X(

Pro: I peeked at my horrorbang, and it looks better than it did a week ago.

Con: I still had to write myself an editing note that read, "Make it sound less like you hate literally everyone in this fic except for Gordon Walker."

I just have this wonderful gift for writing Sam and Dean in ways that make them read as though I'm hate-writing them? :\ But uh, all two of Gordon's scenes are great!
Tags: fandom: spn, insufferability is plan a, writing

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