Kalliel (kalliel) wrote,

erotically codependent

Today I woke up EXTREMELY EXCITED, as though something amazing were going to happen today, or I had something great to look forward to, aside from, you know, work (and soccer! and the grocery store maybe!). LIKE CHRISTMAS. LIKE VACATION. LIKE PARTY TIME. Excitement, quickening in your stomach, through your chest, and into your throat. THE PROLONGED VISCERAL STIMULATION OF ANTICIPATION.

...Except nothing is happening today.

Like, nothing. Is happening. Today.

But today is a day that SPN exists in the world, which is apparently the same thing.

Also, I cannot get over how cute JP's face is here! It just makes me smiiiiiiile. :DD JA's is cute, too, obviously, but I have an intense soft spot for any facial expression that remotely resembles Kermit the Frog. IT'S SO CUTE. HIS EYES. HIS MOUTH.

Tags: fandom: spn, i use lj the way other people use tumblr, mistaking reality for spn again, sam!kinks

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