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In an effort to put a less crotchety post at the top of the page, I wanted to talk about what I am reading, instead of what I wish I hadn't started reading. XD

I finally finished the last few pieces of spn_summergen yesterday, which was a pleasure. And yes, I realize it's November. I've said this before in various places, but spn_summergen is the only challenge I've managed to participate in every year I've been in this fandom, and for the last few I've gotten really into it by reading/viewing almost everything that came out of it, whether I thought it was my kinda thing or not. ('Cause I mean, if it wasn't, I figured it did no harm to me. I'd just stop reading. XD) In that sense, summergen is always such an excellent reminder of the wealth available to us, and I love being able to use it to remind myself to get outside my norms of pre-conceived notions of what I think I'll like. While also delivering a ton of things that I definitely know I like!

I especially enjoyed this year's round--and I was consistently floored by how much I was enjoying just, all the things. It was my favorite round so far. So here's to next year! I whole-heartedly recommend checking out the entire comm. Maybe I can't say this because now I'm a mod for it, but spn_summergen is a fucking masterwork of fandom. <333

I also got to read caranfindel's When it's time for leaving, which is takes place pre-series, with Stanford imminent, and explores the origins of the safeword "Funkytown" between Sam and Dean. It's so delightfully tightly written, and full to bursting with these lovely, ghostly evocations of Stanford and of John, with the full depth of a case behind it--without ever losing focus on Funkytown itself.

I'm all caught up on the wincestbigbangs I wanted to read, though posting goes through the 11th, so there are sure to be more. I adore laughablelament's Black Dog, which takes place pre-series and straddles the years 1995 (John POV) and 1999 (Sam POV). And before I comment on the artistry of the fic, and its interweavings through canon, and John and Bobby's relationship, can I just say that the Sam/Dean in this is smoking, smoking hot??? Like, this is exactly what I want out of this ship, and why I love this ship. This right here. It's alluring and unsettling and just, my god. And it takes us through this very tumultuous part of the Winchesters' lives, as John's grappling with how to raise his sons and also realizing what's... going on between them. And some of the strategies he thinks about employing to explain Dean's potential forever-absence in the swirl of all this are eyebrow-raising in this deeply John Winchester way. I won't give that away here, but I love it. Though I'll note that it was a terrible idea to read this before I'd finished my own fic for the same challenge, because I was just like, "Well. This is not what I did, but THIS. THIS IS HOW YOU DO IT." XD

I've also been reading Service at Old Winchester by septembers_coda, which is like the poster child for something that I wouldn't imagine myself reading but that I'm so, so glad that I am. It's a Sam/Cas medieval romance AU that's a WIP, so when I say "I would not expect myself to read this" know that I mean it at every turn. XD But SC posted a snippet from it from one of those funny writing tool things I was playing with at some point, and I was so intrigued I had to try it out. YOU GUYS, IT IS SO DANG GOOD. I AM SO INTO IT. Cas's POV just sucks you in, and you feel everything right along with him. I don't think I can even adequately explain the degree to which this is true for me. It's emotionally engaging at just like, the deep core of my being, and it plays with my heart like few things do. I'm so in love with him! And with this relationship with Sam, and Sam, and the world of this. At the beginning of each chapter I'm constantly like EEEEEE and then I'm like AAAAAHHHHHH and by the end of each chapter, I desperately want to know what's going to happen next. (So articulate. So, so articulate, self.) Maybe it's just me, but I that's a pretty rare thing for me to feel, because I usually write and read oneshots, or things that get posted all in one go and that I therefore read all in one go, as though it were a oneshot. So the WIP thing? I'm into it, man. When this fic updates, it's one of the great highlights of my life. <3333

Anyway, that's what I've been reading this week! :3 How about y'all? Is it time for a book circle?

Next on my list is the spnhorrorbang, which will probably take me some time. With Bangs there's usually the three or four I really want to read--and since Bangs are long, I'm more likely to stick to things that seem immediately appealing to me--but then I looked at the first page of horrorbangs and I was just like, "Shit, that is significantly more than three or four I really want to read." XD WHICH IS GREAT but ahahaha, time marches onward and just because I haven't finished reading October's fics doesn't mean November's getting any younger! I've also been trying to save the S12 tags I've seen, because I desperately need those in my life--but first I need the actual episodes in my life, and they haven't quite happened yet.

And not to end this post on a downer, but this is devastating to me. We're almost halfway through the fall portion of the season and I've still only seen the premiere. :( I'm missing my one chance, in-the-moment experience of my favorite show in the world as its episodes grace the Earth for the very first time, and I'm missing the fandom around it! :((((((((((((((((((((( I'm already filled with so many regrets. I'M MISSING MY BABY'S FIRST STEPS. Or my twelve-year old's first five weeks of the sixth grade, I guess. Whatever. MY BABY.

Really, I just need to get on this shit and catch up, but once you're behind it's hard. Because like, am I even emotionally ready to rewatch 12x01? Much less 12x02 for the first time? Much less 12x02, 12x03, 12x04, and soon, 12x05 all in one go? They deserve their breathing space! I need my thinking space. They are precious angels; how do I even begin to contend with more than one at a time??
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