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Guys, this is the best album trailer ever made:

From its very obviously iMovie transitions and typography (and let's never forget that Crowley was the first person in SPN to own an [brand-redacted-totally-not-an-iPhone-except-it-is] iPhone) to the music itself to the SONG TITLES, this album was definitely put out by Rock Superstar Lucifer.

(For those of you wondering why 12x03 was titled "The Foundry," this is my theory. Foundry--or FOUNDRY, as they say--is the name of a new band, headed by 80s metal rocker Kelly Keeling. That is, an old school musician running with a 2015-era crowd. [Yes, like Mary. No, I don't think I'm being subtle!])

I mean, even the song titles sound like some angel that's not as human culture-savvy as he thought he was.





In other news: I'm very proud of myself for doing ballet!Rowena before Show did. See, my Rowena headcanon is completely under control! It's not absurd at all. I mean, in addition to ballet!Rowena, why would she have sent Lucifer's vessel to the bottom of the ocean, if not for all that time she spent masquerading as a deity on a Pacific atoll?

This makes up for my 12x01 tag about Mary not being interested in cooking and missing her babies and then leaving, which is now pointless because apparently 12x02 and 12x03 covered all that ground, anyway. See, this is what happens when you fall behind in your episode-watching.

But you know what, it doesn't matter because DID I MENTION CANON-SUPPORTED BALLERINA!ROWENA.

Also, I've watched this album trailer like five times and I'm still not over it. XDD

Also also, Sam, you're a liar--this music is unacceptable. And I say this as someone who owns four full albums of Scorpions music.
Tags: fandom: spn, salt being a spirit deterrent, spn !!

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