Kalliel (kalliel) wrote,

Pie Party!

Man, I'm on a roll with the SPN-themed foods. First a week's worth of tomato soup, and now pies upon pies.

Last night, my symposium co-coordinator and I held a pie-themed thank-you party for our symposium volunteers, so I made a chocolate cheesecake pie and we got two massive chicken pot pies from Costco. Ultimately, my co-coordinator and I baked a fancy dancy pumpkin pie:

Isn't it pretty? :3 (I can guarantee you it looked way less pretty when there were just a bunch of random Californias on it, with cranberries rolling every which way. The rosemary makes it.)

We had leftover crust, so I made them into little shapes to put on top. But LOL, the only cookie cutter I own is California-shaped, so I guess this is some kind of weird passive-aggressive California pie. Maybe Mary sent it from California, from within anactoria's lovely fic, "...And the Deep Blue Sea," which I just read. <3 Either that or it's some kind of even-more-passive-aggressive CalExit pie, ahahaha.

Pies are too much work for me, though. Like, I understand the appeal of flaky, buttery crust, but COME ON, MAN.
Tags: fandom: spn, pics or it didn't happen, spnfiltration, strange tales from the midwestern front

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