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Art previews are up!

spn_reversebang art previews are here! The range of media, characters, and potential story behind all of these is so wonderful. There's creepy, there's fantastical, there's adorable, there's sexy--and adventuresome! There's also a wonderful showing of marine creatures, just sayin'--from tentacles to mermen to cute Dean/Cas with OTTERS. And lovely forest pieces (featuring Winchesters in scenarios that aren't great for them but are GREAT for us)! And sci-fi AUs. Creepy bloodplay manips. And one where at first glance my first reaction was "ooh South African SPN AU"--even though the picture itself and its description definitely don't suggest South Africa on closer observation. IT WAS JUST A THOUGHT. (I'm an idiot.) XP

Do I have your attention yet?

Even if you don't plan to write for the challenge, check the art out anyway! Maybe you'll change your mind. And if not, you'll get to see a beautifully put together gallery of all the talent this fandom as at its disposal--and you'll know who to look for when time comes for posting publicly. Maybe you'll find some new artists to follow!

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Originally posted by spnreversemod at Art previews are up!
The big day is finally here! All of you eager authors out there get to peek (and be tempted by) some wonderful art!

If we've inadvertently forgotten anyone or you see a problem, shoot us a PM or email us at spnreversemod@gmail.com ASAP.

Remember, no reposting anywhere else without permission of the artist.

A few of the images may not be safe for work, so view with care. Claims will commence Saturday, November 26, 10:00 am EST.

So, without further ado, here is the 2016 SPN RB art!

SPN Art Part 1 | SPN Art Part 2 | RPF Art | Either Art

Password = "artpreview"
(Since the post is password-protected, art cannot be reblogged)
SPN | RPF | Either

Note: Do not submit claims to this post.

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