Kalliel (kalliel) wrote,

2017 Calendar

This year, my calendar features photographs of exploding appliances, and I love it dearly. Alas, it is not one of the bargain designs this year, so I decided I'd make my own calendar, using key images from each month of 2016 so that when I look at it I'll remember what memories I was making that same month, last year.

So I was like, okay, January, Crystal and I passed prelims and we took photos of us and a shitton of books. Cool!

But then I was like, uhhhhh. Right. February. March. Right, those existed. I... have no photos and no memory of either of these months. XP

So I was like... Well, I know which SPN episodes aired those months. MAYBE I'LL JUST USE CAPS FROM THOSE...

#relevant tag is relevant
Tags: fandom: spn, mistaking reality for spn again, salt being a spirit deterrent

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