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they say our hearts are locked in music

I fell officially "in love" with Supernatural just as the my first quarter at college was heading into finals. (My undergrad had quarters instead of semesters; it's a thing. Sort of. It's a thing at most of the UCs, Stanford, and the University of Chicago, at least!) Because I didn't have time to spare to actually watch back seasons of my new love, I took the edge of my deep, deep pining by playing music I'd heard on the show--so, basically Carry on Wayward Son and whatever played in S4/S5. Honestly, I don't remember a whole lot about any piece of that timeframe; I remember hating one of my classes and being upset that of course it would be THAT class with a 6-9PM Friday final, aka the last possible timeslot for a final. >.> But I also remember what it felt like to really fucking want SPN.

Today was off to a rather slow start (and involved me collating a lot of things by hand because our copy machine hates me, sigh), so I'm missing out on my flist time and definitely my watch SPN/write SPN time, but my strategy from 2009 still holds.

Right now I'm listening to my SPN playlist, beginning from most recently added, and AAAHHHHH Warren Zevon's "Prison Grove" from 11x11. One of my favorite music cues for Show! ELO's "Long Black Road" which might not even have been IN how, but I should have been, gdi. <3 "Night Moves" from 11x04. "Bad Girls" from 11x04. And now it's taking me through the little songs from the musical in 10x05 and AAAAHHHHHHH.

And now it's playing "I Wanna Hold Your Hand" by the Beatles, which is on this playlist ONLY because I've sung it to myself with the alternate lyrics "I wanna watch SPN nowww." XD

SPN, the mere thought of you brings me joy. <3
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