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I watched 6x22 in 3D today! I was in an airplane, minding my own business, and the moment Castiel started ominously glowing full of Purgatory souls, someone on the other side of the plane opened the window shade and a blinding faceful of Las Vegas sunset smacked me right in the face. I will say, it was probably my favorite viewing of 6x22 ever.

ALSO, watching 6x22 immediately after binging 12x09-12x12 in quick succession almost made me lose my damn mind. XD Because you had Eve/Mother of All/wearing-Mary-Eve in The Road So Far, and you had Crowley, in cahoots with Castiel and collecting angelic weapons and the almost reluctant King of Hell, given what we learn in 12x12, and we had Sam running through the woods and finding the same creek that he and Dean cross in 12x09 (the water level in that thing is higher now, at least in whatever part of that creek they used; I just assume it's the same one, XD). But more to the point, Sam running through the woods, amnesiac, completely unsure of who he is or what he's in the middle of. These are the aggressive juxtapositions I LIVE for. <3333 I'm so into everything we're getting for Crowley, Rowena, and Castiel in the second half of this season.

AND OMG FISHING DEMON. HE WOULD HAVE BEEN SUCH GOOD FRIENDS WITH FISHING ANGEL. I still don't know that I'd actually personally choose all this stuff with the BMoL (I was never into the MoL in the first place), but I do enjoy Guy Ritchie films, which the BMoL (and 12x12) seem to take after.

I have lots of things I want to talk about (12x11 was deeply pleasurable [DEAN! SAM! ROWENAAAA], I adored 12x09 up until that last bit (and a phone call from Alicia!! :DDD), I'm intrigued by Benjamin in 12x10, OMG FISHING DEMON) but I'm about to get on a second plane, so I quick rundown of things I wasn't into, because that's a much shorter list:

- give Billie back right now, wtf. W T F
- I'm also sad about Secret Service Dude
- and Asian Medical Examiner! D;
- Me, watching Sam and Dean handle themselves (or fail to) in conversation with jealous-angel-who-also-plays-the-whiskey-trader-in-Strange-Empire: OMG you people are so fucking dumb (but I have fic for this, so it's all good)

:'DDDDD Best flight ever. I love you so much, Show. <33333333
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