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12x16 "Ladies Drink Free"


And her taste in music makes me really emotional. <3 Though I truly have no idea why Dean folded so easily on this highly suspect werewolf cure thing, especially given that failed werewolf cures are actually something they have experience with. If I had to guess, I imagine it was a combination of having taken his own vampire cure (which they weren't actually sure was going to work, either), having then also used that vampire cure on Alex, and something pinging in him when Claire laid out that some people can keep it together and manage their werewolf identity, and some people can't. Maybe he understood some part of that. Or maybe he remembers demon!Dean not wanting to be cured, and not being offered the choice. Or he trusted, on some level, Sam's trust in it. (I mean, technically, Sam's cure-a-monstrous-malady track record is better than anyone else's! XP Not that he has much competition.)

I guess in the end it doesn't matter much to me because Claaaaaaaire. <333333

I just-- I can't imagine them being able to sit in that room and know that there was a really good chance they were going to have to call Jody and tell her they'd let her daughter die. Jody.

I wonder if Claire and Alex will ever talk about what happened. (And I wonder why the werewolf cure is so much more chill than the vampire one? Claire rebounded really fast! Whereas for Alex, Dean was like "it'll be a rough couple of days.")

OR MAYBE. It wasn't about the cure at all, and it's just that bodies laced by tiny vestiges of angelic grace don't take kindly to the mutation of their vessel. Angels can only possess humans, right? Maybe there's more power to vestiges than anyone realizes.

Does that mean that the moral of the story is the importance of rigorous screening processes when choosing subjects for your clinical trials? XD The purity of the test has been corrupted. There are uncontrolled variables. Sucks to be your shitty science,
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