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1. I called my grandmother to wish her a happy mother's day, and she was telling me about this pen pal she had when she was 12-13 that she still keeps in touch with with Christmas cards and the like. So we're talking like... she's been pen pals with this woman in Maine for seventy years. She mentioned that she thought it was so interesting that they'd just write each other letters about this and that, but they became such good friends--and her pen pal even flew out to visit her once in California (so, this would have been a few decades into their friendship, as when my grandmother was writing her as a girl, she was living in Hawai'i).

Let's be like that together, friends. Let's be like that. <3

2. There's something called Fanfic4Flint being set up that's planning to stage a SPN musical (with a script penned by some person in this fandom, etc.) in order to give money and service to Flint, MI (which is where 10x05 "Fan Fiction" took place). I think that's really cool--particularly being in Michigan, and being involved in environmental justice IRL--but I cannot for the love of all things holy quickly find relevant information on their page, because Tumblr is a piece of shit.

But! Linking the Tumblr anyway, for anyone who is interested and does not think Tumblr is a piece of shit!
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