Kalliel (kalliel) wrote,

Hello, deep end

Well, that's it. There's the deep end. The only things I want to do in the world are watch SPN and write fic and fic and more fic. I want to finish S12 before the finale, but I also want to continue my full rewatch (I'm at the beginning of S7) but I also want to watch S10 but also 2x14 and 2x06 and for some reason 8x18, but also 7x...21? 19? Charlie's first episode. I don't want to have to do anything else or leave my house or interact with people who aren't on a TV screen or in a word document. SPN, you have so many stories for me and I have so many stories for you, and basically I want to get in bed with you and never have to leave. ♥ ♥ ♥

Also, I just read Room Full of Red by tuesdaytoo, and I encourage the world to do the same. It's a beautiful Dean POV 12x18 tag with hell/post-hell issues and giant meat freezers. And who can say no to a meat freezer? <333 Actually, I should be more accurate and say I read it once, then read it again, and the only reason I'm not reading it yet again is because I have work I should have finished a week ago and I really want to be able to watch 12x17 tonight. So that I can watch 12x18, and then re-read this fic again in context.

I think this summer I want to try and finish as many of my (ridiculous number of) WIPs as I can. There's a bunch of stuff I've been "working on" for four years, and it's getting ridiculous. But my ability to keep up with S12 has been absolute shit, so I want to do everything in my power to actually have a relationship with S13.
Tags: fandom recs, fandom: spn, i can't watch tv like a normal person

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