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Three more episodes to go, two more evenings to do it!

Hoo boy, I'm a binge-watcher of TV by nature (love it, leave it, move on) but I can't say that I'm enjoying even this protracted SPN binge-watch. I like having like, two or three weeks between episodes to ruminate and rewatch and fic. I just wanna luxuriate! BUT I need to finish through 12x21 by Thursday so I can be ready for the finale. I'm taking a leap and going to a watch party in the metro Detroit area, which sounds both scary and fun.

I've had the opportunity to go to such a thing before, but didn't because my SPN time is pretty intimate and personal and you never really know what branch of fandom you're walking into in a big group, you know? XP But I'm significantly less invested in finales than premieres, and I don't have any high personal stakes in the actual plotlines of S12, so I figured the circumstances were ideal! (Lol at "I'm feeling disinvested enough in this mytharc to go to a three-hour watch party an hour's drive from home with 50 people I've never met," though. XD)

Also, in spite of my "I give even less of shit about the BMoL than I did/do the USMoL" attitude, I actually really like Toni, Mick, and Ketch themselves? They're not people I'd fic, but I enjoy them a lot. Toni's super weird, Mick is/was interesting, and Ketch is reallyreally weird but like, I'm down. IDEK. It's kind of like me thinking the idea of Psychic Kids was stupid, but enjoying Andy, Max, Lily, etc. as characters.

I did kind of feel like Eileen was only in 12x17 to put her in the BMoL's crosshairs, though. She didn't have any character-building reason to be there aside from her and Sam making googly-eyes at each other and shooting the Top of His Class at Kendrick dude? Which at first seemed strangely incompetent of her, frankly, but I do think the scene could have worked if it were directed a little differently, and the chaos of the moment was played up more. The way it makes sense to me is 1) Top of His Class at Kendrick isn't typically a field agent, and his only occupation outside of his schooling has been assistant to the headmaster. He wasn't used to the field of play, and didn't have any sense of how to stay out of other people's lines. And while Eileen is clearly an accomplished hunter, she typically hunts solo. On top of the chaos of the moment, she's probably not as used to keeping track of other bodies, outside of whoever she might be saving on some given case. The guy from Kendrick didn't cognitively fall into that category, however, so his safety sort of slipped through the cracks.

I loved the meat locker scene from 12x18 for reasons I outline in my fic rec from yesterday, and also the ending tag back in the Bunker. What I thought was so great about it was the juxtaposition of the extreme sentimentality of Sam and Dean carving their initials into the desk--spurring an automatic callback to the emotions of 5x22, for one, but also this sense of the Bunker truly becoming home, in the same way that the Impala is--alongside SPN's active assertion that the Bunker is not, in fact, Sam and Dean's. It belongs to the Men of Letters, and it is a base of operations, not a residence.

And while they do talk a lot of shop around that table, I thought it was hilarious that the first intel Ketch grabbed from his bug was a bunch of unimaginative insults that Dean would have just said to Ketch's face. (In that moment, Ketch remembers that surveillance is deeply, soul-crushingly dull...) XD
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