Kalliel (kalliel) wrote,

Tales from the Archives

Museum researcher: This is the oldest artifact we have at the museum.
Me: What is it?
Museum researcher: I dunno. I'm a 20th-century historian. It's a big rock?

A few hours ago, the research staff was having a brainstorming meeting about digital content for the museum. And they were talking about doing unboxing videos for archival materials. And they were like, "But we can't actually go down to the archives and pick out a box because then they'd see how we store things I don't want to deal with the comment fights."

"You think people are going to fight in the comments about our storage methods? Who is our audience?"

"I dunno, museum nerds? Who watches Facebook Lives for museum archives?"

"What if we made it a surprise, and unboxed things that people send to the museum?"

"No, that'd be worse! Nobody packs anything right."

"Okay, but if we film using me, I want to use the white archive gloves because my hands are ugly."

"No, because people will fight about that, too. There's a controversy about using the gloves when handling certain materials."

"You keep talking about all these controversies. Who's having all these arguments?"


And right now, I'm going through a bunch of boxes that were donated by a meticulous hoarder of Arab American news... who organized all his boxes by author's last name, rather than subject. So I'm looking for 9/11 stuff but it's all lumped in with like, a fiction piece in The Atlantic about Syrian immigrants from 1906, but also Lebanese church rituals in the 18th century, but also some random article written in German, and a bunch of things in Arabic, and like, a box of swords.

I'm pretty sure that there's a whole room of archival materials in the Bunker that Sam and Dean haven't even begun to touch because they, too, are organized by author's last name, and not subject.
Tags: academia, fandom: spn, spnfiltration, strange tales from the midwestern front

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