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We Are the Dead South

I haven't started re-watching S8 yet, because I have some things I need to check off the To Do list before I have that pleasure, but in the meantime I've gotten completely obsessed with this song:

I've had it on Repeat One all day. And I've decided that if this is not about Louisiana vampirates (in Purgatory), I truly don't know what is. Which is funny, because Benny is one of those characters I tend to forget about? Not that I have anything against him--it's just that me and S8 are like, AMELIA AMELIA AMELIA <3 and I get distracted. But maybe this will be the year! Maybe on this viewing, I'll be all about the Purgatory and the vampires and the southern vibes, now that I've found the soundtrack.

Oh pass the rum on down the line it's getting pretty cold
It's been nine straight days of hell and burning fires in the snow
And I haven't seen my baby since that old black ship set sail
Still we're holding out 'till winter dies and hoping our strength prevails

The full moon peaks around the clouds as the grey wolves cry
The hour's getting late and we've drunk every bottle dry
Just one more march from dusk 'till dawn 'till we finally arrive
At the gates of those who long ago burned our houses and took our lives

And we'll sing
"We are the Dead South who came across the sea
To take back our lives and leave this land of misery
Our will is our weapon our hearts forever bound
Come on now tilt your bottle back and let’s go grab another round”

The wind is at our back the ground is shaking at our feet
Marching for the gates we pray the lord my soul to keep
For if we ever get ourselves out from this mess alive
I'll be singing this song for years to say I'm happy we survived

Also, only slightly related, but while I was somewhat unsuccessfully searching for vampirate ship gifs, I came across this very attractive cap, brought to us by galwithglasses:

Yeah, I think I could be down with the whole Purgatory thing this time. HOT DAMN. I'm like five years late, but whaaaatever. XP
Tags: better to be a pirate than join the navy, fandom recs, fandom: spn

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