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I am Lightning.

* Today I walked past a body shop that was next to a motorcycle-themed cafe that was next to a fishing shop that was next to a river. The body shop advertised itself as having a nuclear fallout shelter. This is obviously a piece of town Sam and Dean have much use for.

* I also saw a license plate that read "SAMPATH." I've decided a Sampath is like an empath, but their powers are specific to reading Sam Winchester.

* I'm looking at a 95-hour work week next week and I'm 95% sure I won't survive, because:

1) I'm spending this weekend writing a conference paper, :(
2) I also need to redesign a newsletter for an org during next week's "free time" and mail it out ASAP
3) the I-94 interchanges in Detroit are zany, zany places

But mostly:

4) I WANT TO SEE CARS 3 SO BADLY I WILL SPONTANEOUSLY COMBUST IF I CAN'T SEE IT BEFORE THIS WORK WEEK. But I need to finish my paper first. This hasn't been a great motivator thus far though, because I've been doing more soul-crushing pining than writing. I. Love. Lightning McQueen. Like, you don't understand. I've watched every single Cars 3 trailer there is (and there are a LOT of them because, lol, Disney marketing, idk) and I just spend them on the brink of tears because I. LOVE. LIGHTNING MQUEEN. THAT MUCH. And I want to meet Cruz Ramirez, and I hope to see Sally back, and. And. IDK. This movie was made for me. It's mine. I want it. I love him.

So I'm thinking maybe I'll be able to focus and actually use it as a motivator if I post this here, for some visible accountability: I am going to write my conference paper by Sunday night. And on Sunday night, I'm gonna drive to the theatre in my '06 car named Lightning (Cars premiered in 2006), blasting the Cars soundtrack, wearing my Cars shirt, and I'm gonna see this movie.

Plus, Lightning's number is 95, which is clearly symbolic of him taking me through the week to come.

* Also, calling it now, this is the first step in Pixar's transition from children's to XXX films:

It's a slippery slope, Pixar. Slippery slope.
Tags: academia, fandom: misc., fandom: spn, hell on wheels, salt being a spirit deterrent, sam!kinks

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