Kalliel (kalliel) wrote,

Cars Compulsion

It's 12:39AM on a work night but I just saw Cars 3 again and seriously, though, I love these movies and Lightning McQueen so much it's making it difficult to function. There's just something so pure and untouchable about them. I've rewatched Cars twice in the last two weeks (including once yesterday) but all I want to do is see it again. And Cars 3 again! For a third time. In theatres. I really need it to come out on DVD already, clearly. Can I just live there? Can I grow up to be an animated car?

I just--I love the way he fidgets his front wheel when his agent asks him to name all the friends he wants to send comp tickets to, and he realizes he doesn't have any. I love his absurdly expressive body language, which still adheres to some laws of physics, somehow. I love that he had headlights put in. I love how much he loved the moonshine run. I love that Doc was so proud of him. I love that he made it out of a demolition derby without any body damage whatsoever. I love that Pixar lets you see his entire undercarriage. I love that Pixar knows that his body is fashioned out of 24-gauge cold-rolled sheet metal over a tubular frame with a full race V8. I love his dopey self-pep talks. I love that he will always be a dirt racer. I love how sincere he is about everything. I love my baby race car. <3

Also, this isn't about Cars, but if you ever find yourself in a dark and dreary place just remember that Justin Lin put out casting calls not only for human Fast and Furious actors, but also for the cars themselves. Car casting calls. He wrote casting calls. For cars. (And frankly, for all the effort that goes into choosing the exact right year, make, model, and mods for every car in every scene, these calls probably skewed the acting talent in Fast way higher than if you only consider the series' human talent. LOL.)

I need to get my fannish life in order and like, get ready to stay on top of spn_summergen, which starts posting this weekend. Get in the zone. Especially since I didn't get a chance to spend much time with SPN when we were actually in season. But like--Lightning, though. I never dreamed I'd get to have this chance with him again, and here he is, all grown up (sort of) and more lovable than ever. A reunion 11 years in the making. Aaaaaaaaaaaah!
Tags: fandom: misc., hell on wheels

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