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The Top 5 Things I Love About Writing Fan Fiction 5/5

5. Chasing the spirit of the original.
This is related but not identical to Point No. 1. I can't describe what it is about SPN that I love so much--and in the eight years I've been int his fandom, that definition has only grown more elusive. But there's a chance I can present it, because maybe if it can't be spoken it can still be brought to life. For me, part of writing fic is chasing that thing, that inimitable core, and trying to bring it to the page--even if it's just the briefest flash. Of these five pursuits, this is probably the hardest one, and to be frank, I'm not actually sure that I try for it in every single fic.

Obviously, I usually write for SPN, and not for Pixar, and it shows in this fic, because my shot at the "spirit of the original" is pretty off. XP Especially since for SPN, you've got over 200 episodes and a canon with the world's biggest wardrobe of vibes, genres, and colors that it dresses in at will. With Cars, it's got three movies and that one spirit that shines very, very bright.

My fic misses its shot at that because it's a little too dark, takes itself a little too seriously. There's this strain of casual creepiness to it that does not work for me at all in the context of Cars. XP Even though the movie itself is about a traumatic car wreck.

Casual creepiness works really well for SPN, and is totally a SPN vibe--and it works because of who Sam and Dean are, and because Sam and Dean are gonna be chill about it and it's not going to throw off their whole day if someone makes a dark joke or weird body horror becomes suddenly inevitable.

Pixar Cars need to be handled a little bit more, um. Conscientiously? They live a more gentle life, and need to be treated with care. XD

Bonus No. 6: You can do whatever you fucking want.
Which for me, gives me an opportunity to be both really excited about what canon does, and also really chill about it. Because that matters most to me is where our stories speak to each other--whatever doesn't need to speak to me doesn't really need to matter to me, and whatever does I feel like I'm allowed to just up and run like hell with. I know I've been invited to do whatever I want, and by virtue of this I'm generally happy to let canon also do whatever it wants. <3

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