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The Top 5 Things I Love About Writing Fan Fiction

I really love meta about fan fiction and process stuff, and what people's like, theories of fic writing are. And I love exploring my process and identifying for myself what I was thinking about for a fic, or what I found most interesting or rewarding about writing it. But I try not to do it that often because it's uh, pretty self-indulgent, and also it makes me feel like I'm trying to advertise the fic I'm talking about.

But! I just wrote my first--and ideally, only--Cars fic, and I feel like this is a great opportunity to let loose and talk shop and iron out for myself how I think about writing fic, and what I enjoy about writing fic. It's a great opportunity because I don't really see any of you up and joining Cars fandom anytime soon; and by virtue of this, talking about my Cars fic doesn't feel uncomfortably like an ad to me.

But it's not completely balls-to-the-walls irrelevant to this journal, because these foci are applicable to how I approach writing for SPN, too. So win/win!

The Top 5 Things I Love About Writing Fan Fiction

1. Speaking to the canon.

2. Finding your characters.

3. Integrating new information, and

4. Indulging in detail.

5. Chasing the spirit of the original.
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