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Two Scenes I Loved From My Own Damn Fan fic / Tooting my own horn / Self-love

In an attempt to purge my need for Cars--or at least tone it down a little, so I can function like a normal human being--I wrote Cars fic yesterday. It's called Flat Out and it's basically an anthem about how much H/C trash I really am. Blessedly, I don't feel the need to write any more (aside from my Cars 4 screenplay, of course). I'll still probably end up right back in Cars hell if I pull up the Cars 3 instrumental score again, though.

The fic itself really is not that great, according to both my reading and writing standards. And like I said in my earlier post today, the fic takes itself waaaaaay too seriously. But there are still two scenes in it that I really love, so I'm gonna indulge myself for a moment here.

Scene 1
"You ever had a part replaced?" asks the nurse.

Sally can feel the nurse's scrutinizing gaze. It's like she's being stared down by the nurse's paint job along with her eyes--each stenciled rose on her hood casting judgment. Sally hasn't felt her Porsche-ness this keenly in a long, long time. "Of course," she says, maybe too defensively. She's not a show car; she works for a living. She runs a whole town. Of course she's had a part replaced.

Once. She's driving too fast on a road that's too poor and she bottoms out hard. Cripples a suspension arm and the noise she makes driving is what draws Doc's attention--what brings her to Radiator Springs.

It hadn't hurt, to lose the part. After Doc fixed her up, she'd felt off-kilter, sure. But who wouldn't? Having wandered into the desert and left her whole world behind.

But the nurse nods. "And that was just one part. It can be hard to come back, when you get that much new put into you. Makes it hard to remember who you are."

"Wait, you're saying he might--"

I love this scene because it's so me. It introduces the conceit of the fic, but also slides in these glancing moments of how class is working between these two characters, and how narrative can flow in and out of memory, how a narrating POV's self-consciousness can creep into a scene. It brings in a little bit of real life and runs with my own play on sentient car mythology, and the visuals aren't the focus of the scene, but are still kind of killer, in that background way I like.

Scene 2
There's a rehab circuit outside the garage--nothing much, just a gravel circuit designed for more leisurely pursuits than Lightning's about to put it through. He shoots down the first straightaway, probably clocks 90 in the first eight seconds. Takes the first, second turns tight until Sally hears a shrieking, clattering sound, like things falling apart.

Lightning guns it backwards, though, and out pops a harmless piece of gravel, probably wedged against a rotor somewhere. Lightning rolls his eyes, he's fine, lines up to start again.

After another few laps, just as it seems like he's hit his groove, his body swings out and he loses the turn. Cuts straight through the center of the doughnut and narrowly misses a streetlight as he careens to a stop.

blown tire, slams the wall--noses down, must hit a fold or a bump or something because then he's airborne, airborne, until he's not

In Sally's mind, it's that moment all over again.

But all Lightning says is, "Hm. Front alignment's off."


I am Lightning.

And I love this scene because it's so, so Lightning. This is the one scene in the fic where I read it and I'm just like, there we go. That's him! That's my baby racecar! NAILED IT.

I think it's the eyeroll that brings it all together for me. I mean, look at this guy:

Note: Also, I'm super proud of this. It's the first gif I've ever made in my life.

And I love the way this scene represents--without getting too involved in any detailed explanations--how different the way you exist in the world might be, if you were a racecar in a world of cars.

Well, that's my horn-tooting for the day. Consider this an invitation to write your own horn-tooting post about your most recent fic/art, or your current WIP!
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