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Photoshop + trackpad magic

Because this is apparently my life now, I drew sixteen Lightning McQueens today. I really thought I had it figured out--I write fan fic and that's like, what I do in fandom. That's my bit. But Lightning is just so irresistibly cute. :O He's so cute. I just wanted to spend time with his cuteness.

Thus, Lightning:

LightningMessyPaint.jpg(Click for full-size version)

(You'll notice I have absolutely no patience or regard for any kind of finesse when art-ing [mad props to my many talented flisters who do!!! <3], but messy is conceivably... a style, right? Right? Well, either way, I still think he's pretty damn cute. My baby racecar. <3)

But after I finished Lightning I thought, well, since I have Photoshop open, I might as well use its powers for good, AKA not as a vehicle for my deeper descent into Cars hell. So I drew a scene from a fan fic that I love, and which I've always wanted art for.

The fic is Service at Old Winchester by the lovely septembers_coda. It's a Sam/Cas medieval fantasy AU where Sam is a magic-wielding prince who suffering the heavy burden of a demonic curse. In spite of the danger this suggests, Castiel finds himself preternaturally drawn to the mysterious prince.

It's a multi-chapter WIP right now, but it's nearing its finale! Warnings for dom/sub, master/slave dynamic, bondage, and light BDSM.

My art is exceptionally worksafe, though! But if you want to avoid minor spoilers for the fic, I'll warn that it depicts a scene from Chapter 26:

"He’s earned this, Cas. I’m not sure even you know how much. We’d all be dead now, or the slaves of demons, if not for him. Sam is the only reason there’s a Lawrence.”

Cas blinked unexpected tears from his eyes. “I know it,” he answered.

Dean looked at him for a long moment. “Maybe you, of all people, really do,” he said. “Sam saved what was left of our past. He believes you’ll create our future. Don’t let him down.”

With that, he strode to the edge of camp, taking the bridles of the horses to lead them to water, leaving Cas trembling in Sam’s arms.

(Click the image for the full-size version!)

I messed up on Lightning because I forgot to think about where the focus point of the image was supposed to be, so I tried to figure out how to draw focus to Sam and Cas in this one. (Also, horses! Which prove I've seen Spirit: Stallion of the Cimmaron a few too many times. :P)
Tags: fandom recs, fandom: spn, hell on wheels

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