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I'm participating in the spnshortstories project, which originated on Tumblr and is planning to publish ~100 SPN gen stories in book form, the proceeds of which will go to IAMALIVE and AO3. If you're interested in supporting the project, they're trying to gauge user interest with a short Google survey.

They also asked us to post previews of our contributions, so here's mine. It's titled "¿Qué pasiones?" and was inspired by this video, the Lowriders, Hoppers, and Hot Rods exhibit at the New Mexico History Museum, and Zoot Suit, a 1978 play by Luis Valdez.

Her cousins tell their stories on their skin--a gourd-colored Jesus with his head angled at an angel, asking questions. A '64 with blue flames that's spent his life between Sonora and El Paso. Her favorite--an uncle in gold-flecked magenta, his hood done up like mariachi brocade, suspension slung so slow he'd make sparks fly from pavement. And he could dance, her uncle, had a chassis outfitted with hydraulics that could bounce him like a bull in flight.

When she rolls into town, they see only their own faces reflected in her skin, her black.

Ey, pachuca, you're not from around here are you? they say.

This is the story on her skin: Two boys in the desert. The first time anyone sees a chupacabra stateside, it's her littlest boy, and he sees it in her black.
Tags: fandom: spn, hell on wheels, pics or it didn't happen, writing

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