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Recs! Recs! Get your red-hot recs!

Oh man, lots going on right now! I'm in DC! Acting as a delegate at a civil rights organization meeting. Still in Cars hell! Learned how to make gifs! Learned that I enjoy making gifs!

But more importantly, here are some delightful recs I'd be really sad if you missed:

The amazing caranfindel, whom I always think of as fandom's big stream of consciousness talent, has this way of making these really incisive, painful incursions into exactly the right kind of emotional crisis--all in few words. She just did a Sam POV remix of an S2 Dean POV fic I wrote a bit ago, where Sam and Dean and a family of five (even though it says four in the header, I think, whoops) are all trapped in a cave with a monster a their heels, and they have to try to all make it out. It. Is. Stunning.

Sam's POV is both meditative and full of screaming, insistent energy--in a way that I think rings very true to Sam, and that probably only Sam can truly inhabit. And the hurt/comfort all through this expedition is top-shelf. Mmm. <3333

It's about 1600 words, gen: Whether you're a brother or whether you're a mother.

spn_summergen is underway, and the gift for me got posted! It's this most amazing photomanipulation with a refreshingly elegant, thoughtful and gorgeously conceived take on a prompt that I will probably prompt until the end of time without reprieve, Dean/alcoholism. <33333 SFW. Please leave the talented anon lots of love!

And while you're at it, all of spn_summergen is pretty rockin' right now. It's only been a week and already we ahve: Claire Novak (I'm loving all the summergen love she's getting so far), desert fae, aquatic fae, Danny Elkins in Frontierland, early S1 quiet H/C, a really atmospheric post-5x22 AU, and zany Rowena and Rocky and Bullwinkle hilarity!
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