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I know, wrong fandom for this blog, but I'm really proud of these.

I'm improving my car-drawing game. I'm, uh, not actually sure where I'm going with this skill development, but at the very least it's helping remind me to keep my layers clean/separate in Photoshop, which is always good. I've been drawing with and without references, mostly keeping with the same general poses, but one day I hope to ascend to a higher plane and do some more active/more emotive poses. I'm really proud of these, though!

My first time drawing Jackson Storm. I think he's supposed to be longer and lower to the ground, since the whole point of his design is that he's very aerodynamic. But not bad for a first try.

Lighting, probably rounder than he needs to be, but I think it's adorable. I'm really proud of his tires, because tires and tire placement and tires-as-round-objects just perplex me (see: Storm's tires, lol), but I think Lightning's look really good here. I was also trying to figure out what the car equivalent of crossing your arms would be, and I figured maybe just tires that are turned in a bit?

And Strip "The King" Weathers! I'm probably proudest of him, because I'd never drawn him before and he has such a distinctive (and different) body type. I really like how his body turned out, and doing his highlights was a lot of fun, too. (And his little, tapered butt! Which I usually struggle with, because what is perspective.)

The dialogue bubbles are part of a joke based on a melange of scenes/references that require overly specific recollection of both Cars 1 and 3. It's also not... actually that funny even then, but whatever. XD The full post is here.

I really like drawing cars! (And they go so quick! Well, the drawing part. The coloring part did not go quick, contrary to what it might look like. The coloring part took like four hours, and that was almost exclusively Storm's fault... HOW DOES HE WORK. In retrospect I probably should have kept the reference pic open for coloring guidance, too. XD Well.)
Tags: fandom: misc., hell on wheels, pics or it didn't happen

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