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BOY I wish there were a way to upload this multi-chapter post-Cars 3 WIP to AO3 while also assuring my poor subscribers that NO, I HAVE NOT ABRUPTLY CHANGED FANDOMS after posting almost nothing but SPN fic for six years, I will be back after these short messages.

I feel very G-rated~ In the sense that I keep stumbling into lines/scenes that are inadvertently very suggestive (e.g. of swearing/epithetic language, or of prostitution) and being like, ohhhh okay, so this is SPN G-rated, but it's Cars R-rated. That might be too much. (IS IT MY FAULT THAT RACING FOR PINK SLIPS IN A WORLD POPULATED BY CARS IS EQUIVALENT TO SELLING YOUR ASS IN A LOS ANGELES BACK ALLEY. NO, NO IT IS NOT.)

But really, I just need to keep reminding myself that Cars 3 contained not only an incredibly nihilistic joke about life being a bitch and then you die, but also a reference to "fast," sexually promiscuous cars. So.

edit: Oh, and moonshine running in dry counties, lol.
Tags: fandom: misc., hell on wheels, we don't have time for your blah blah bl

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