Kalliel (kalliel) wrote,

spn_summergen Recs, Part 2!

Some more spn_summergen recs!! Which, phew, it's always a marathon. Not because I don't love seeing new fanworks daily, but commenting does take effort, and finding that balance between "I want to consume fanworks but I also want to have time to make them" is always a toughie.

Here are two of my faaaavorites in recent postings:

1. Brontide is a short, breathtakingly atmospheric ambient horror story--a genre I love deeply but don't often have the pleasure of seeing much online. The focus of its sounds and images strikes right at the core of you. It's just so perfectly Sam.

2. Rae's Diner is a gorgeous piece of artwork and an accompanying ficlet of 750 words. What I love about this piece is, put simply, the sheer artistry of it. It plays with the mod 50s styling that's so core to road culture (and by extension, diners, motels, etc.), but also adds a wholly SPN flair. You can feel the fogcover, and imagine the dew dampness of the copse of trees in the background, hear the buzz of the fluorescent lights. It's haunting, but vibrant, and one of the most strikingly original pieces of art I've seen in a long time. In short, it's fucking beautiful, all right?
Tags: fandom recs, fandom: spn

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