Kalliel (kalliel) wrote,

SPN Fandom Does the Men of Letters' job better than the Men of Letters ever did.

+ In the event of Apocalypse, SPN fandom is going to be the last man standing, and not because of its myriad prior experiences with Apocalypse. It's gonna be because SPN fandom's record-keeping is unparalleled: Like, you want militantly cited Tweets, con videos, canon, canon-adjacent, interviews, episode transcripts, location listings, etc.? YOU GOT IT AND THEN SOME. Not to mention we not only have a gif for everything; we've actually giffed everything.

Like, Cars has a bunch of canon adjacent that can be fun to play with, fic-wise, but since some of it is Pixar's and some of it is Mattel's some of it is god knows whose, not all of it lines up with itself. But it's impossible to tell what canon is from where because either it's not compiled on the Wiki at all, or it's not cited back to the original source.

Or like, Fast and Furious. Many iconic scenes. VERY POORLY GIFFED.

Long story short, SPN is fandom magic, and all of you who make that possible are golden.

+ Also, I love my downstairs neighbor. I've only ever seen him doing something Star Wars related, and I've lived above him all summer. Like, once he was painting Star Wars model ships outside. Another time he was playing with his dog, while wearing a Star Wars shirt. When he went to the town's Pride parade, it was a Star Wars-themed Pride shirt he had on. And right now he's playing a Star Wars movie (or soundtrack) so loud I can hear it and I ain't even mad because Star Wars has great music.

Plus, his wife told me that you can stay at the Cozy Cone (the themed motel in the Cars world that Lightning McQueen's lawyer/girlfriend runs) at Disney World in Florida. I'VE NEVER WANTED TO GO TO FLORIDA BEFORE BUT NOW I MUST. I MUST!
Tags: fandom: misc., fandom: spn, strange tales from the midwestern front

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