Kalliel (kalliel) wrote,

Surprise Pilot Rewatch

Today a friend came over and we watched 1x01 at her request. She's the kind of exceptionally nice person who wanted to watch it because she knows that I love SPN, but truth be told EAGER AS I AM TO WATCH SPN WITH OTHERS I wasn't super into this plan because I knew she wasn't going to like it. XP And she didn't! It was too scary, and she didn't like that Constance was the de facto "villain" of the whole adultery deal.

But it's so beautiful, though. <333 The camera has all these wild, sweeping shots that pilots are wont to do, and there are so many artful shadows and random, interstitial scenes of panning movement because we are just now learning who Sam and Dean are, and we need to see them scan John's overkill wall of weird, and watch Dean jump down a fire escape, and waggle Mentos at Sam for breakfast. We need all five trillion musical cues in the span of five minutes. We need to see the box of fake IDs. (Also, omg, Dean already had a fake FBI badge printed but it wasn't until 1x04 Sam made them go all suited up. HOW OFTEN DID YOU PLAINCLOTHES 26-YEAR OLD FBI AGENT SCHTICK WORK FOR YOU, DEAN.) Also, Joseph Welch is the best. The sweat embedded in the brim of his hat, his yard filled to the brim with stacked and silent machinery.

And Mary is perfect, too. I just love the way she responds to the YED ("John") shushing her in Sam's nursery--that half-asleep but sassy "okay," whatever. Mmmm <3
Tags: fandom: spn

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