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Okay, double-post. Because my Supernatural emotions cannot be contained in a singular LJ entry. NO!

I'm having a Niiiiiiiight. You know, where you just walk through the rooms of your house without objective, mentally weeping about how beautiful Sam and Dean are and being too full of emotion to really do anything but bask in that fact.

+ I've been putting a fic together (always on the back-burner) ever since the S9/10 Hellatus, and I just thought of the perfect final scene. I hope hope hope hope hope to god I can actually pull it off.

I really want to finish my Cars fic first, so I can put it away, but at some point it got hard and hey now, that's not what I signed up for! :\ I don't WANT to worry about whether the characters are IC enough or whether the thematics are clearly defined and build appropriately on prior canon themes or whether the dialogue is tight enough. I just want to write a story and be happy. D;

+ Rachel Miner will be launching a Stands campaign on August 13, with the proceeds going to Earthjustice--which is probably the perfect storm of my interests, e.g. Rachel Miner and environmental justice. It also helps that I actually really like Earthjustice--because boy, there's quite the range of "environmental" groups out there. And though I'm not historically much of a Stands person (I contributed to Ruth Connell's campaign, but that's it), I am COUNTING. THE DAYS. FOR RACHEL'S. OMG. Read More.


+ My maps of Iowa/Nebraska, Colorado/Wyoming, North Dakota/South Dakota, Minnesota/Wisconsin, and the UP came in the mail today. :'D I don't actually think I'll need the Iowa/Nebraska one, because my plan is to drive straight through them the exact same way I did last year... But, you know, it's best to be prepared. XP
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