Kalliel (kalliel) wrote,

Supernatural Gen Fiction Anthology Indiegogo is LIVE!

The Indiegogo for Seasons, a print anthology of Supernatural gen fiction, is now live! If you're interested in supporting the project--and owning in digital or hardcopy a bunch of short stories about YOUR FAVORITE SHOW, YOUR FAVORITE BROS, YOUR FAVORITE ANGELS/DEMONS/MONSTERS, please consider backing the campaign. :) <3

There have been other print-fanfic projects over the years in SPN fandom, and I've never really been a part of that. (One of the great benefits of fanfic is that it's free, yo.) But there's also something enduring about books themselves, and the materiality, the visual memory of such a tome existing on some shelf in your house. And I think SPN is at that point where, yeah, we're proud of us, and I'd like to see that in the world beyond my laptop screen. Perhaps you do, too. Plus, I am GIDDY at the idea of being anthologized alongside a good many of my very lovely friends here on LJ. Talk about dancing with the stars! <3

Here's the link to the campaign: Let's get our crazy show back home!
Tags: fandom: spn, the part where i solicit things

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