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spn_summergen Masterlist 2017

My recs for this season are very incomplete--I had time to rec stuff at the very beginning, and that cave fic at the very end, but missed the entire middle--but I read/beheld every single fic and piece of art, and each was well worth the investment. <33333333 Thank you summergen-er,s for being a consistent highlight of my life!

This year actually marks spn_summergen's ELEVENTH anniversary as a challenge, and my eighth time participating. As the only challenge I've ever participated in every year I've bene in fandom, it's near and dear to my heart.

I'd also like to thank all our lovely commenters, which are so much the lifeblood of fandom and fanwork exchange--especially madebyme_x and finchandsparrow, who are freaking superstar respondents of the highest order. <3 <3 <3 <3 <3!


Originally posted by summergen_mod at Masterlist 2017
At long last, the big reveal! Thanks so very much to all our wonderful participants, who gave fandom the most delightful works to fill up our lazy *cough* summer days. We hope everyone found something to love, and will join us again next year! ;) On behalf of your mods dugindeep, kalliel and quickreaver, have a great rest-of-your-summer, and here is the Masterlist:

[fic] Children of the Resurrection, for brightly_lit by lennelle | LJ | DW

[fic] With the Sun on the Horizon, for stargazingchola by dreamkist | LJ | DW

[fic] Surprises, for cassiopeia7 by tuesdaytoo | LJ | DW

[fic] A Horse with No Name, for anactoria by traycer_ | LJ | DW

[art] Rocky and Bulwinkle, Winchester-style, for kuwlshadow by amberdreams | LJ | DW

[fic] In the Beginning, There was Sam, for wetsammywinchester by excoyote | LJ | DW

[fic] Call My Name or Walk On By, for amypond45 by were_lemur | LJ | DW

[art] Bottoms Up, for kalliel by alethiometry | LJ | DW

[fic] Sunrise, for backroadsspirit by zubeneschamali | LJ | DW

[fic] The Games We Play, for verucasalt123 by backroadsspirit | LJ | DW

[fic] Meet the Parents, for jj1564 by brightly_lit | LJ | DW

[art/fic] Higher, for polleekin by kalliel | LJ | DW

[fic] Reach Out I'll Be There, for leah_elisabeth by giacinta2 | LJ | DW

[fic] Brontide, for broken_cinders by brightly_lit | LJ | DW

[fic] A Slice of Heaven, for red_b_rackham by padaleksi | LJ | DW

[art] The Road to Palo Alto, for astarloa by cassiopeia7 | LJ | DW

[fic] Signs of Life, for annie46 by wetsammywinchester| LJ | DW

[art] Day at the Beach, for emmatheslayer by kuwlshadow | LJ | DW

[fic] Gardening Woes, for septembers_coda by jennytork | LJ | DW

[fic] As Other Birds, for withthedemonblood by crowroad3 | LJ | DW

[art/fic] Radio Nowhere, for zubeneschamali by red_b_rackham | LJ | DW

[art/fic] Rae's Diner, for indiachick by marietwist | LJ | DW

[fic] Rattled, for tyrsibs by troll_la_la | LJ | DW

[fic] A Mother's Wrath, for alethiometry by lux-tuli | LJ | DW

[art] Saving People, Hunting things, the Family Business, for giacinta2 by bluefire986 | LJ | DW

[fic] Winter Just Wasn't Our Season, for theymp by lyryk | LJ | DW

[fic] Though I Walk Through the Valley of the Shadow of Death, for crowroad3 by caranfindel | LJ | DW

[fic] The Path of Perfect Logic, for kribban by septembers_coda | LJ | DW

[fic] Pok-e-what? for the community, by milly_gal | LJ | DW

[art] Til the End, for whysosadbunny by emmatheslayer | LJ | DW

[fic] Abide, for lux-tuli by withthedemonblood | LJ | DW

[art] A Parting of the Veil, for madebyme_x by quickreaver | LJ | DW

[fic] Dead or Alive, for kogsy21 by broken_cinders | LJ | DW

[fic] Blessed Assurance, for marietwist by kogsy21 | LJ | DW

[fic] Know the Water's Sweet, But Blood is Thicker, for tifaching by sw0rdy | LJ | DW

[fic] Good Samiritan, for sw0rdy by dizzojay | LJ | DW

[art] Public Transportation, for amberdreams by stargazingchola | LJ | DW

[fic] Long Before We Fall, for bluefire986 by finchandsparrow | LJ | DW

[art] The Heaven Chronicles, for milly_gal by whysosadbunny | LJ | DW

[fic] What Lies Beneath, for lennelle by madebyme_x | LJ | DW

[fic] Struggling to Communicate, for dreamkist by kribban | LJ | DW

[fic] Devil's Snare, for traycer_ by polleekin | LJ | DW

[fic] They Grew Up Heroes, for jennytork by jj1564 | LJ | DW

[fic] Real Skilled at People, for thruterryseyes by astarloa | LJ | DW

[fic] To Sleep Perchance Walk ... for the_ladykiki by annie46 | LJ | DW

[fic] I Fought the Law, for ammcj062 by For verucasalt123 | LJ | DW

[fic] Lost and Forgotten, for excoyote by leah_elisabeth | LJ | DW

[fic] Coffeehouse ft. Alternate Universe, for themegalosaurus by indiachick | LJ | DW

[art] Escape For tuesdaytoo By thruterryseyes | LJ | DW

[fic] Letting the Days Go By, for were_lemur by amypond45 | LJ | DW

[fic] The Stars Above, for padaleksi by theymp | LJ | DW

[fic] Unsigned, for troll_la_la by anactoria | LJ | DW

[fic] A Hiatus, for quickreaver by themegalosaurus | LJ | DW

[fic] Forget the Dragon, for lyryk by the_ladykiki | LJ | DW

[fic] Before I Sleep, for dizzojay by ammcj062 | LJ | DW

[fic] Slivers, for the community by tyrsibs | LJ | DW

[fic] 2081, for finchandsparrow by kalliel | LJ | DW

[fic] Message in a Bottle, for caranfindel By tifaching | LJ | DW

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