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[Rec] Podfic: Heartland (Castiel POV, 11x07 tag)

riversfire on AO3 recorded a podfic of my 11x07 tag and IT IS STUNNING. She has such a wonderful reading voice, and makes it sound so legit and professional. Her cadences and the dynamics of her voice are utterly captivating. Please give it a listen, and let her know what you thought!

Heartland, (14Mb, 14 minutes). S11, Castiel POV.

Castiel sends its lore home, first via SMS and then in a box filled with antiquities and marked for post to America, when he can’t send the pictures at a resolution Sam appreciates. If Castiel is annoyed by this, he lets his annoyance fall from him as he stands in line at the post office. He imagines the day, two thousand years from now, when he returns to bring these out of Kansas, back to Bethlehem. He first imagines flying with his own wings--mental reflex leftover from the first few billions years--but ultimately decides that, like this box, he’ll take the human planes again.

Thanks, Cas, Sam texts, a few weeks later when he has the box. Looks like half of it’s in Aramaic, but I’ll do what I can. Stay safe, okay?

It might be a hint--come home--but Castiel’s not really sure. Castiel has no trouble reading Aramaic, and perhaps might be a boon to Sam’s endeavors, but right now he is in Gaza and maybe they’ll need more books and maybe he should stay. Castiel’s read them, of course; and if he’d caught anything direct and helpful, he’d have simply said so. He suspects there can’t be anything in them to help with the Darkness, but perhaps the Winchesters will prove him wrong. Sam doesn’t have the fluency to be taken in by rhyme; perhaps he’ll be better suited to cobbling something together. Man invented Boeings, after all, and Castiel doesn’t think any angel would have ever thought of that.
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