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Today it's cold and dark and misting and it reminds me of being in Iceland with steeplechasers this very time last year. <333 It reminds me of queuing up SPN in our Icelandic hostel on the eastern coast and collaboratively losing our shit together over 12x01 and also Sam's feet.

It reminds me of how fucking amazing it is to be able to say that I watched the premiere of a show that I love, with a friend that I love, a friend that I met online and then PLANNED AN INTERNATIONAL WEEK-LONG ROADTRIP VACATION with, in a country I love beyond words.

Like, that sounds so magical it can't be real.

But this is Supernatural fandom. This is where we live, y'all. <333

Happy S13! I need to remind myself to stay off LJ until I see the episode, hopefully tomorrow night!
Tags: fandom: spn, these things matter

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