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SPN 13x01 "Lost and Found"


Related story: When I was on the road this summer, I bought a book of crosswords at a bargain store in Alliance, Nebraska. But when I tried to actually complete a crossword, I could only figure out one answer... And that answer was Metallica's "Nothing Else Matters."

I was just like, fuck me, this is a Dean Winchester moment if ever there were one. XP

That book of crosswords is still in my car, and the only filled in line is still the name of one fucking Metallica single. *hands*


I loved 13x01. Loved loved loved it. I loved its measured pace, its attention to the world as it knows itself--even in the presence of Lucifer's child (Lucifer's child, who is as much Kelly's child <3). Pirate Pete's was an utter gem, and I'm so in love with Sheriff Christine and her son and her boyfriend (Pete?) and their family life, which came through so beautifully and in so little words. The tension at the climax of the episode with the son bleeding out was real and there was real care there, real concern. They were what made the scene. And Drunk Girl! I want to believe that she was human until after Sam and Dean left her there to go to the police station. I loved her conversation with Dean so much, all of his wordless reactions. Utter brilliance--and the whole time he's nursing his hand with alcohol there's the implication of his frustrations/despair and ughhh so good!!!

Sam's conversation with Jack was a thing of glory. 13x01 had the feel of 4x01, in that shit definitely went down, and the sea change is pervasive and unsettling but not quite yet known. There are big things afoot, obviously--things that dance with prophecy and destiny and inheritance. But always choice. And I FUCKING--!! LOVE--!! That Jack's English is his mother's. His rapid growth is his mother's wish. Jack being the literal embodiment of You won't be safe if you don't grow up quick is so good. Jack having chosen Castiel as his father is even better. The assumption that fathers, naturally, are a thing that you choose--not a thing you inherit--is perfect. And Sam, taking all this in, not drawing any conclusions yet but instead filing this all away. <33333

The fight was really well done, which I will always adore and appreciate. <3 I'm sure people have wondered why it is that angels aren't rock-solid and no longer make metal noises when you hit them, but I think Heaven is enough of a holy mess at this point that I'd be surprised if the angels weren't struggling to maintain their powers. Functionally, they seem the same as demons--which I guess could be considered lazy, flattening the two into one another like that. But I like it? It's like a rehearsal of their having fallen, of Heaven as a failing kingdom.

Dean's prayer scene didn't do anything for me, because I felt like the off-screen variant earlier in the episode did so, so much on its own. The flashback felt superfluous, because like. It's so obvious what Dean's feeling through the entire episode through infinitely smaller gestures? Though let's be honest, THAT ATTEMPT AT PRAYER is probably how the angels found them, and why Drunk Girl got caught in the crossfire. Even if God's not listening, the angels still are. (That's probably why that angel called you Becky, Dean. Whiny prayers.) The mess at the station being the unintended consequences of a fruitless prayer? THAT, I love.

Dean stripping the curtains off the rod to bind Castiel's body, though? Perfection. The way his body and his whole being catches in the middle of his actions? GLORIOUS. AAH. LOVE. SO MUCH LOVE.

Also... does Dean just buy a new Zippo every time they need to burn something? There's no way a lighter would survive a blaze that's supposed to incinerate a body. As lighters go, Zippos are expensive, man! You can buy 300 kitchen matches for $3, Dean. D:
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