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13x03 "Patience" and 13x04 "The Big Empty"

13x03 "Patience"

+ Right now I'm actually more interested in Ennis's dead girlfriend from Bloodlines than I am in Patience, unfortunately. Patience and her father, whose reason for cutting Missouri out of their lives is literally the stupidest thing I have ever heard. "MY MOM PROMISED ME MY WIFE WAS GOING TO BE OKAY AND THEN MY WIFE DIED BECAUSE MAGIC CAN'T PREDICT [CANCER.] FAKE NEWS!!! FAKE PSYCHIC!!!!" Oh my god, get a grip, dude.

+ But I loved Missouri's death scene. I'm sure this is a subject of much contention in fandom, as usual, but I thought it was done well. Missouri's "Tough" was so well-played. Also, I understood Missouri's staying behind as an intentional sacrifice. She wanted to keep the wraith in town in order to buy Dean and Jody time to get to Patience et al. (Unfortunately, Dean and Jody... drove... and the wraith must've taken a plane like a normal being, lol.)

+ And the small stuff: Jody slipping into sheriff mode to describe the state of the vic, then remembering Missouri's connection to the deceased and modifying her tone accordingly. And Jody, asking how Dean's doing in that WAY of hers that's so good. So good! Her concern is my favorite concern (and honestly, probably Dean's, too). Jody's "you still got it" as a way of asking again, and Dean's eejfhaxzzzzz response.

+ I love the way Sam called Dean out on his exchange with Jack at the end of 13x02--the nuances of which I've already written about but which Jack had no possible hope of understanding. I love how different Sam and Dean's reads of the exchange were (Dean's [half-subliminal, since they don't actually align with what he says or what he wants to say to himself] intentions vs. how Jack received it/how he then told it to Sam)--but more than that, how easily they realized that they were functioning off of two different reads of the scene, and responded to that.

+ And I loved Dean calling Sam out on Jack's potential as an "interdimensional can-opener." I don't think that's Sam's only interest in Jack, obviously, but I think it was something Sam needed to hear in order to remind himself of that, and to take some time to think about which of his relationships with Jack--can-opener, human kid--was at the fore of his mind. I dunno, man, it was just a really good argument? I think because they were both so wrong and both so right, the Shrodinger's Cat of arguments except theirs is a box that can never be opened, only split--into different timelines, universes.

13x04 "The Big Empty"

+ I love that Sam's question on arriving back at the Bunker is "How are you feeling?" and Dean's just like, Wow, I can't believe you even tried to ask me that, did you think you were gonna catch me off guard?? And Sam's just like *shrug emoji* IT WAS WORTH A SHOT.

+ Mia was great. And I love that we got to see her actress back; she previously played a psychic in 7x07 "The Mentalists," which is an episode I love dearly! I love that she and Buddy had just enough history to read into their relationship a very particular backstory of partner abuse (but with the added complications of their shapeshifting monstrosity--which intrigues me very much).

+ I love how the instant Mia's alibi checks out, she's 100% in the clear. Both Sam and Dean are absolutely cool with her being a shapeshifter after she proves she hadn't yet killed anyone. Which is, yeah, as it should be, because Mia is clearly an exceptionally bright force in the world--she's a counselor/therapist, volunteers at a shelter, AND she'd rather die than harm some random dudes who pointed guns at her in her own home!--but I think it's telling that what to do/not do with her required no further discussion. "We're human, she's a monster, she wants us dead and we want them dead" waffling even crossed their minds. That probably sounds like a sarcastic "I love" but I do mean it genuinely. I'm so interested in how that paradigm is so vastly separated, in their minds (mostly Dean's, but a little bit Sam's), from their dilemma with Jack.

+ Kelly's intense presence throughout these first few episodes of the season is giving me absolute LIFE. I really loved her in 12x23, and to see her figure so strongly even now--and significantly more frequently, and significantly more powerfully, than Lucifer has--is wonderful.

+ I loved Sam and Dean's argument in this episode too! It just felt... my use of these words requires more explanation probably, but their exchange felt precise and necessary and heartbreaking. J2 are unnecessarily good actors. Like, in no world would they be required to be as good as they are, but they are REALLY, REALLY GOOD. WTF.
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