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Dean, Grimly

I like to think that the in-verse explanation for why Sam and Dean tend not to tag-team their end-of-episode goodbyes is that they recognize that for most people, the two of them together can be a bit Much. (Though I think equally as often Dean just peaces out because he doesn't want to do that part anymore. The scene I'm thinking of right now is when Sam is comforting the mom from 13x05 "Advanced Thanatology," and Dean hangs back at the car. He was totally willing to have a heart to heart with the ghost boy himself (and then some) but he doesn't talk to the mom. In fairness, death-by-injection followed by revival-by-injection probably feels like shit. He does the same thing with the Sheriff in 13x01 after her kid gets stabbed. When he asks Sam "if the kid's gonna be all right" I thought he meant the Sheriff's kid, but Sam answered in terms of Jack.)

What's interesting about this scene in the cap is Dean is awkwardly lurking sideways by the door specifically because he wants to have a denouement heart-to-heart, and not because he's seeking to avoid it. (Because what says 'I want to have a deep conversation with you' like standing 20 feet away by the door with your hands in your pockets?) He just doesn't want to do it with Sam there, too. Because Dean wants to make sure Garth knows he has to hold on to whatever peace, whatever family he's got. (The cap is from 9x12 "Sharp Teeth," which is right after Sam finds out about Gadreel and they split up, and Dean ends up with the Mark of Cain.)

</3 Carve S9/S10 into my headstone, they're my favorite things in the world. (But also S6.)
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